Sand Creek Antler Products
Whitetail chandelier

High quality,
home furnishings
and decorations
made from
real antlers —

whitetail deer, caribou, reindeer, moose,
and more!

As seen on Minnesota Bound with Ron Schara and at the Minnesota State Fair!

Whitetail Chandelier (right) • $600-$700

Moose antler coffee tableSalt and pepper shakers Picture of Fork
(coming soon...)
Moose Antler Coffee Table
$900.00 - $1200.00
Lazy Susan Salt & Pepper Set
Reindeer Antler Roasting Fork - featured at the Minnesota State Fair!
Other products available include lamps, lanterns, coasters, and fireplace tools.
Custom designs are available using moose or caribou antlers for large chandeliers.
Dimensions shown are approximate since all antlers vary in size and shape.
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Shipping is extra and varies according to the size of your item.